Phone: +33 1 42 05 66 27



  • PhD in Management Science from Paris-Dauphine University, 2008
  • Civil Engineer from Mines ParisTech, 2001
  • Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Aix-Marseille University, 1998

Titles and Positions

  • Associate Researcher and Teacher at Mines ParisTech
  • Independent Contractor


  • Member of the OECD-NEA Working Group on Human and Organizational Factors
  • Member of the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) Advisory Council on Human, Organizational and Social Factors

Research Areas

  • Risk Management
  • Public Management
  • Nuclear Safety
  • Human and Organizational Factors

Teaching Activities

  • Supervision of students’ internships (Mines ParisTech, Management Science Curricula, since 2004)
  • Responsible for conferences on Industrial and Nuclear Safety (Mines ParisTech, Management Science Curricula, since 2004)
  • Courses on Operations Research (Mines ParisTech, 2004-2008)
  • Courses on Management Science, Supply Chain Management (Dauphine, 2004-2008)

TV and Interviews

  • Interview for L’ (13 February 2012)[1]
  • Interview for L’ (5 December 2011)[2]
  • Michel Fields’ TV chat on Nuclear Safety (LCI, 22 September 2011): Part 1[3], Part 2[4]
  • Michel Fields’ TV chat on Nuclear Safety (LCI, 7 June 2011): Part 1[5], Part 2[6]
  • 2010 French National Authority for Health Meetings[7]

Selected Publications

  • IAEA (2013): Regulatory Oversight of Safety Culture in Nuclear Installations. TECDOC 1707. Vienna, Austria, 31 p.[8]
  • Rolina, G., Jeffroy, F. (2012). Assessing Nuclear Safety from a Human and Organizational Factors Perspective. Lessons Learned from an International Benchmarking. 8th American Nuclear Society International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Plant Instrumentation, Control and Human Machine Interface Technologies (NPIC-HMIT 2012), San Diego, California, July 22-26, 15 p.
  • Rolina, G. (2011). Les institutions françaises de la sûreté nucléaire : un point de vue historique et ethnographique. Regards sur l’actualité (373): 55-67.
  • Rolina, G. (2010). Prescrire la sûreté, négocier l’expertise. Gérer et Comprendre (101): 84-94.
  • Rolina, G. (2009). Sûreté nucléaire et facteurs humains. La fabrique française de l’expertise. Paris: Presse des Mines.[9]
  • Rolina, G. (2008). L’expertise des risques comme objet de la recherche en gestion : le cas de l’expertise de sûreté nucléaire dans le domaine des facteurs humains. In Guillon, B. (ed.), Méthodes et thématiques pour la gestion des risques, 325-344. Paris : L’Harmattan.
  • Rolina, G. (2008). Prescrire la sûreté, négocier l’expertise. La fabrique de l’expertise des facteurs humains de la sûreté nucléaire. Thèse de doctorat. Sciences de gestion. Université Paris Dauphine, November 25, 444 p.
  • Rolina, G. (2008). Producing nuclear safety expertise in the field of human factors. 24th European Group for Organizational Studies Colloquium, Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 10-12, 23 p.

Language Skills

  • French native speaker
  • Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish