Professor of Management, CGS, MINES ParisTech


Tel: +33 1 40 51 91 99

Other positions

Associate Researcher, Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School.

Previous visiting scholar at Stanford University (2016; 2005), Harvard University (2008-9), ESSEC (2007-8), INSEAD (2006), Université Paris X (2006), HEC Montréal (2002-3). 


PhD in Organizational Analysis, Copenhagen Business School, 2005

Master Degree in Social Work (social policy, research option), McGill University, 2001

Bachelor Degree in Social Work (licenced), McGill University, 1997

Bachelor Degree, First Class Honours in Anthropology, Minor in social studies of medicine, McGill University, 1996

Research interests

Eva Boxenbaum conducts research on institutional innovation. In collaboration with academic colleagues and industrial partners, she examines how new organizational practices  emerge, spread and are implemented across industries and nations. Her work addresses how entrepreneurial individuals and organizations — themselves embedded in prevailing beliefs, norms and rules — break with established templates and generate innovations that spread and provoke sustained social change.  She currently works on the role of cognition, visual representation, and material artifacts in processes of institutional innovation. Empirically, she conducts comparative, qualitative research  in the fields of architecture, construction, and renewable energies.

Research areas

  • Material and visual dimensions of institutional innovation
  • Translation of innovations into different organizational contexts
  • Institutional entrepreneurship and leadership
  • New organizational forms

Academic service

Member of the Scientific Committee for Centre de Gestion Scientifique (CGS)

Member of the European Theory Development Workshop (ETDW)

Member or the editorial board of European Management Journal 

Elected member of the « Conseil de laboratoire I3 », representing CGS

Research Management

Principal investigator of collaborative research projects on the emergence of new legal categories (ANR IMpACT)

Principal investigator of collaborative research project on the visual and material dimensions of institutionalizing innovations (DRC)


Nomination to AcademiaNet – Expert Database of Outstanding Female Academics

Academic memberships

European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS), Academy of Management (AoM)

Teaching activities 

“International Management”, Master-level (M2) elective for Programme in Civil Engineering, MINES ParisTech

« Organization Theory », Master-level (M2) course for Programme in Modeling, Optimization, Decision and Organization (MODO), MINES ParisTech/ Université de Paris – Dauphine

« Writing for Publication », PhD course, CGS, MINES ParisTech

“Institutional Organizational Analysis – Change and Transformation”, PhD course, Doctoral programme of Organization and Management Studies, Copenhagen Business School

Selected publications

Peer-reviewed journal articles

Boxenbaum, E., Jones, C., Meyer, R., & Svejenova, S. (Forthcoming). Introduction to special issue ‘The Material and Visual Turn in Organization Theory: Objectifying and (Re)acting to Novel Ideas’. Organization Studies.

Meyer, R., Jancsary, D., Höllerer, M., & Boxenbaum, E. (conditional accept). The role of verbal and visual text in the process of institutionalization. Academy of Management Review.

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Jancsary, D., Meyer, R., Höllerer, M. & Boxenbaum, E. (conditional accept). ‘How to draw an institution? Towards a structural analysis of visual and multimodal registers.’ Research in the Sociology of Organizations.


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Book chapters

Boxenbaum, E. & Jonsson, S. 2017. ‘Isomorphism, diffusion and decoupling: concept evolution and theoretical challenges.’ In R. Greenwood, C. Oliver, T. Lawrence and R. E. Meyer (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Organizational Institutionalism (2nd Ed.), pp. 79-104. SAGE.

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